About our 2021 Court  

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Jaëlle Ouapou is a  SEventeen-old sophomore at Del Norte High School. Jaëlle plans to go to Norway for a year when she graduates high school, then continue on to her schooling in Poland, where she will be majoring in Medicine. She’s a wonderful girl who loves all things Norwegian, speaks Norwegian and has been representing us since August 2019.

Alex Muir is a  sixteen-year-old sophomore at Carlsbad High school. She travels to Norway every year to visit her extended family there and has a Norwegian Mom and American Dad. She is a competitive soccer player-and as all Norwegians, loves to snow ski. This is Alex’s second year serving as the Princess of the House of Norway. Her future studies will include working with people, as she continues to stay curious as to the opportunities ahead. She would like for part of her studies to be in Oslo...

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