2020 Dues

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Active Dues

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For the current Hosting schedule-  check on-line anytime-from anywhere to view.. The button "Hosting Schedule" (to the left ) takes you to Google Docs!

Along with being an awesome, talented, kind and fun person, Janet has made so many wonderful improvements at The House of Norway!

Member Focus

Janet Kylstad Coulon

She also brings in her family to host and learn about and enjoy our rich Norwegian coulture-baking, knitting and more.. 

Janet is very talented and dedicated to making The House the best it can be. She also fills in for other board members when needed. 

Thank you Janet!

HoN Trustee

Custom Made Display Cabinet

New storage shed and bathroom door

Founder of our Knit and Chat Group and a chef grade baker

If you have a project to share that relates to our organization send pictures and info to: 

    The House of Norway depends on our membership to fulfill our mission.                                                            Get involved!

Meet with other Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans, learn more about the history and culture of Norway and the people!  Have fun! Get connected! Be a host at The House!


The cost is $30.00 annually for associate members-

$15 for active members who volunteer.

Contact :  Terry Williams

(619) 743-3669


As a member, you are invited to come to any and all our

10 membership meetings held

(usually) the 1st Sunday

of the month

at 4:30p  at

The House of Norway.

* check events page



Engage with other fun

and friendly HON members!


Be a part of representing our Cottage by

hosting on a Saturday or Sunday!


Share your heritage and meet new friends.

Hosting at The House:

Hosting is a very rewarding experience!

We offer coffee and lemonade when The House is open.  We serve lefse on Saturdays and waffles on Sundays-most of the time. The favorite is Norwegian waffles! The delicious aroma draws visitors in from the courtyard and beyond. You will be teamed up with another Host or you can ask to be paired with someone specific.


Contact: Jeanne Scott