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Newsletters 2022 & 2021

Winter Issue - Dec 2021 & Jan 2022

What is Charity? & Goals Articles

Learn Norwegian: Family & Partying

Recipe: Havre Kjeks: Oat Cookies by Sweet Paul

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April 2022 

Easter - God Paske

Learn Norwegian: Learn the National Anthem

Recipe: Kransekake - Recipes or Shipped To You!

Oscar-worthy films

Spring Kransekake.PNG

Syttende Mai 2022

SAVE THE DATE: 14. May 2022!!!


In-Person Event with Parade and Family Activities! Join a Committee because we need your spirit to celebrate!  

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February & March 2022

Highlights of the 2022 Winter Olympics

Learn Norwegian: Vocabulary #2

Pics of the National Nordic Museum

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April 2021

List of Norwegian Easter Traditions

Learn Norwegian: Numbers 

Recipe: Easter Cake w/Oranges from Nordic Diner

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May 2021

Coming in May

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This page is still being edited. The full newsletter for each month will be coming soon.
Please use this as an index for the subject matter and then check your emails for that month to view the full newsletter. Tusen takk!
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